New blog, new path? Random thoughts on why I am starting this blog…

I’ve finally done it. After thinking it for way too long, I’ve embarked on creating my second blog (breathing deeply, with relief). Well this time it took me longer to get started as I wanted to jump into another genre. This time I’ll blog about my work, about participatory communication in international development. About participatory video as a baking powder for change.

My first experience as a blogger was at Sun in the UK. I wrote mainly in Spanish about my experiences living in a different country, adapting to a different culture and mainly to connect with my friends back home. That writing was in the travel genre and semi autobiographical and for a reduced audience, it gave me space to reflect on myself and the changes undergoing in my life.

On that premise, I thought a new blog linked to my work was going to give me this reflection space once again. This time starting the blog from another country. Guatemala instead of the UK. This time wanting to share my (contradictory) thoughts and feelings about planning, managing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating projects with a participatory video component. Let’s see if the good weather brings the sun back to my writer self.